Healthy, happy teachers

We believe that healthy, happy teachers and staff create healthy, happy and successful school environments where our children and young people can thrive.

The National Foundation for Educational Research found that teachers are more likely to suffer job-related stress than other professionals, with one in five teachers reporting to feel tense about their job all or most of the time (compared with one in eight in similar professions).

Choose one of the courses below or get in touch with us to discuss tailor-made sessions.

Teacher with secondary school pupils

Full day or half day INSET 

Course Objectives

  • To learn techniques and tools that will give you ideas and activities to share with students during pastoral time and the PHSE curriculum

  • To understand the origins of yoga and mindfulness practices which can be used at work or at home to reduce and manage the feeling of stress

  • To have an enjoyable and fun day learning new skills which you can use in school to support teaching and learning, and at home to help unwind and switch off.

Twilight Session or Series of Sessions

Course Objectives

  • To introduce yoga and mindfulness practices which can be used at work or at home to reduce and manage feelings of stress

  • To learn how to use yoga and mindfulness to help you feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

Subsequent sessions can build on these skills and provide some techniques and activities which can be shared with students.

Regular Staff Yoga

Course Objectives

  • To use weekly after-school yoga sessions to relax the body, focus the mind and help manage stress

  • To foster a sense of shared well-being by practising yoga in a group environment

  • To understand the principles of mindfulness and how it contributes to good mental health.

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Sarah has worked with staff members, developing their practice of breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety as well as help to improve concentration and positive mental wellbeing.
— James Harris, Headteacher, Walton-le-Dale High School